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About Us

“That’s the one!”

When the Dub V Pub sports bar opened in 2010, proprietor H.D. Boyd was talking with friends about how the business needed a staple food to stake its claim in the local market.


At first H.D. played around with sauces, but then came the realization: If someone wants to eat something while drinking a cold beverage, they surely wouldn’t want toget messy. And while thinking back on his childhood, H.D recalled how his mom made fried chicken with seasoning, not sauce. The Great Experiment began soon after, with Dub V Pub regulars being asked to weigh on a different flavor profile practically every evening. After a few weeks of these tasting trials, Larry Goode, H.D’s friend and first steak cook at the Dub V Pub, declared “that’s the one!”


Mountaineer Dub-V OG Rub became H.D.’s signature wing flavor and he has never looked back. Since 2010, Mountaineer Dub-V OG Rub has won the Best Dry Rub award in multiple wing competitions across a four-state region.


With business booming, Dub V Pub moved to a larger location in 2015 and now is known as Mountaineer Pub, but the recipe for H.D.’s award-winning wings remain unchanged as marketing plans move ahead for his privately-owned seasoning business.


(RIP Larry Goode, but Rest knowing the “OG” has made it!)

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